Freelance writing pros and cons that will help you decide whether it’s the right career path for you

freelance writing pros and cons
freelance writing pros and cons
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Thinking about starting up as a freelance writer?

A new Upwork study showed that 36% of the U.S workforce were freelancing full-time during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020— up 8% from 2019.

It’s little surprise why. More people are realizing that self-employment comes with a lot of perks, like the freedom to work when and where you want. But with that freedom also comes downsides like inconsistent income.

If you’re considering freelancing, consider these pros and cons before making the leap to freelance writing.

Freelance Writing Pros and Cons

How to save time when compiling useful, credible sources before writing.

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Research is often more than reading through the top five results after a Google search. Depending on the complexity, researching an article can be a huge time drain.

If you want to deliver comprehensive and insightful content for your clients, dig deeper. The following tips on researching can help you secure credible sources and save time doing it.

6 Tips Freelance Writers Can Use to Make Researching Easier

The quality and volume of the research you do upfront will affect future stages of writing and editing. Coming up:

Use past clients to testify to your results and professionalism.

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You read Amazon reviews before making a purchase. Yelp ratings help you choose a restaurant. You may ask your friends and family which mechanic they use.

People look to other people’s experiences before making a decision. Similarly, client testimonials tell prospective clients what it’s like working with you. Business owners and editors look to what others have to say before deciding on a freelance writer.

This article offers a deep dive into client testimonials: what are they, why they’re important and how to collect them.

The difference between the cost of your time and the value you offer.

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Many beginner freelance writers use hourly rates because it’s straightforward and familiar. You get paid this much for this many hours. That’s how your old boss usually does it. Easy, right?

However, hourly rates can actually put you at a disadvantage and cheapen the value you offer. Moreover, it can place a cap on how much you can make from a single project.

How Hourly Rates Actually Work Against Freelance Writers

From penalizing efficiency to limiting the amount you can charge, there are multiple reasons why hourly rates…

Tips for recognizing your writing talents when you feel self-doubt kicking in.

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Can I really charge this much? Am I even worth this amount?

Who am I to write about a topic like this?

Others are far more qualified. People will see right through me.

Whether you’ve been freelance writing for a while or just getting started, these thoughts have probably crossed your mind.

You’re experiencing imposter syndrome.

If you’re a writer with self-doubt holding you back, this article is for you.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome happens when you think you’re not knowledgeable or talented enough in your domain of expertise. You…

While a freelance writer website isn’t necessary, it’s an investment that can pay dividends.

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As a freelance writer, you may think it’s enough to just list your writing samples in the email body. After all, you’re busy and a freelance writer website just adds more work, stress and maintenance, right?

However, your website is more than a home for your portfolio — it can showcase your brand and professionalism, among other things. If you’re on the fence about creating your freelance writing website, keep reading to learn the advantages of securing digital real estate for your freelance writing business.

5 Reasons to Invest In a Freelance Writer Website

Here are five reasons why a freelance writer website is a valuable addition to your…

Ask yourself these 7 questions before taking the plunge.

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Whether you’ve dipped your toe in freelance writing or you’re an intermediate writer, you may have considered quitting your day job to freelance full-time.

When I started freelance writing, I did it intending to eventually leave my 9 to 5 — and I did. Being my own boss was incredible. I could sleep in, take 90-minute lunches and schedule vacations without needing PTO.

But the initial rush and luster faded when some stark realities kicked in. Learning how to manage your money… Balancing multiple projects. …

Contracts are useful for setting mutual expectations. Here’s how to do it.

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You’ve probably heard of a client horror story or experienced one yourself.

A client refuses to pay because you expected you to read their mind. Or you’re bombarded with endless revisions because the client keeps flip-flopping on what they want.

Unfortunately, you will likely deal with a problem client at some point in your freelance writing career. The good thing, contracts are there to protect you and establish mutual expectations.

Disclaimer: I am not a legal professional and this is…

Learn how to kickstart freelance writing projects with clear expectations.

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Learning how to onboard freelance writing clients helps you drive the conversation and set expectations. With a clear process, you ask the right questions, establish project parameters and minimize future disputes and revisions.

The client doesn’t have to wonder what’s the next step. Instead, they look to you as the professional to guide the project. Keep reading to learn how to how you, a freelance writer, can start onboarding clients.

How to Onboard Freelance Writing Clients

  1. Offer an intake survey
  2. Schedule a call
  3. Send a proposal and quote
  4. Follow up
  5. Finalize the terms with a contract
  6. Get approval on an outline

Before a prospect directly communications…

Tactics for defending your time, energy (and sanity) against clients who keep making requests outside of the agreed-upon scope of work

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“Can we make just a small change here?

If you’ve been freelance writing for a while, you’ve likely heard of this request. Most times, it’s innocent. You may find it a little annoying but you do it anyway. Make the client happy, right?

However, letting scope creep… well, creep in can have a bigger impact than you might think. It sets a bad precedent for clients to tack on more of these small asks without properly compensating you. Small changes accumulate into a series of tweaks over here and fine-tuning over there.

As a freelance writer, your time and labor…

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